Destination wedding at Port wine cellars

Destination wedding at Port wine cellars

Doris and Kelvin's wedding.
A unique and magical day in the Port wine cellars, in Gaia.

In the picturesque Taylor's Port Wine Cellars, Doris and Kelvin celebrated their love in a truly special way. With a stunning view over the majestic Douro River, this enchanting place was the perfect setting for a truly unique day.

Every detail was meticulously planned and executed, including the exclusive graphic design, carefully created for this special event. Our work reflected the elegance and sophistication of the wedding, with a pattern of delicate flowers that captured the romantic essence of the day.

As Doris and Kelvin exchanged vows, it was clear to everyone present that this was a truly unforgettable moment. As the sun set over the horizon, illuminating the Douro River with golden hues, it was as if the universe was celebrating with them.

Happy couple getting married in Porto, with close friends.
Happy couple getting married in Porto.
Welcome sign for wedding celebration with delicate flowers.
Petal cones for wedding.
Bar menu, signature cocktails. Wedding.
Seat chart
Menu in context.
Wedding planner: Porto for weddings
Photographer: Overall Studio
Stationery: Jasmim Design
Venue: Taylor's Porto - Barão Fladgate Restaurant
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